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in humid season, overflowing the said compass of the water from the one side to the other, that the visible effluvium might gratify the desire of the beholders, those that giving tendence to object of asperity aspect. To conclude, the above cascade’s state of being exhibition to the sight, mightily exceed sundry hermits in higher renown at the interim than its existence.

To enter of giving a short definition of a beautiful plush of water in Glenbuch, about where the ground yielding downward with gradual descend to the other side, which will excite astonishment to see a lake on such a high place.

Another elegant lake in Glenogle, adjacent to the top of the hills passage there, famous for fishing, as trouts, such delicate spotted fish, inhabiting brooks and quick streams. Anent ancient predication of the ensuing narration of Glenogle, which affirms, that ten children, on certain day, doing something fanciful or in frolic merriments, close to the lake above narrated, they were taken unawares to see a horse from the lake; his appearance so avariciously, that they were inordinately desirous to mount him. One of them got up on his back; the rest acted with the same levity, till the ten furnished with room there. No