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it be in terms of communicating to them orally. When the cruel party comprehend the design of the said tune, they daggered the piper, and throwed him in a hole; of which place its called the Cairn of Piper to this day.

It should not be omitted to give summary account of the famosity cataract at Glenbeicli, defining the excellencies of its remarkable existence. The potent stream goes down off ferine rock to wild hollow of great length downward; of which hollow, its mouth’s circle, consisting of a large extent each way, coming in gradually to narrow compass, ascending to the bottom; the easter wing of the said hollow advancing from the bottom to the top in a slope obliquely existence; its northward articulate part a high wild rock of perpendicular face; its westward side, a deep brae face, abounds with wood, by declivity rising from the bottom upward, hanging over in the most curious existence, that the phenomenon appearance of its bottom, existing in comparatively, to wild dungeon or subterraneous concavity; that part of the water within the compass of its bottom forms the fall of water from on high, effected so emphatically by the cascade, that it emitted a candid exhalation, particularly