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you and passes over the far index string, but the near one passes straight across to the other side.

Fourth: Now bend each thumb away from you, and pull down this near upper string (Fig. 140), (which can always be recognized as being the only free straight

string passing across over the figure), and letting the loop slip off the thumb, extend the figure between the thumbs and index fingers, holding the palms away from you 141).

"The two central strings that lie side by side represent the carrying band of the Navaho; the other strings represent the wood that is being carried." (Haddon.)

The Navahos have another, more characteristic, way of doing the Fourth or final movement, as follows:

Fourth A: Put each middle finger from below up on the far side of the near upper straight string, and bending the middle finger, pull this string down, of course on the near side of the other three strings; then letting the loop slip off each thumb, extend the figure between the index and middle fingers, and at the same time turn the palms away from you.