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"Carrying Wood" is made up of some of the simple movements of "Many Stars" and a new one, the Second.


This figure was obtained for me by Mr. John L. Cox, at Hampton, Virginia, from a Klamath Indian, Emma Jackson, from Oregon.

First: Opening A.

Second: Pass each thumb away from you over the far thumb string and the

near index string, and pick up from below on the back of the thumb the far index string, and return the thumb to its position (Fig. 142 ).

Third: Bend the index and middle finger of each hand down into the upper thumb loop, and then pass the index to the near side of the lower near thumb

string, and pass the middle finger through the lower thumb loop (Fig. 143). Holding the lower near thumb string tightly between the index and middle fingers, draw these fingers away from you, straighten them, and by turning the palms away from