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"of Frank Pope in the Pinkert State Bank, and many of the checks received were cashed by me at the Pinkert State Bank at Cicero. These checks would come to Frank Pope and I was authorized by him to endorse his name on checks to be cashed or deposited. I have been shown certain deposit slips for the account of Frank Pope in the Pinkert State Bank which were written by me. These deposits represent the business of the gambling establishment. When our establishment lost the bets which we made with out of town book-makers, we sent them a check to cover the loss and the check was drawn on a bank account which was kept at the Pinkert State Bank in the name of Frank Pope.

"The book record of the business in which I made the daily entries was kept in a cabinet, and the only persons who had access to this book or who made entries in it were Mr. Peter Penovich, Mr. Frank Pope and Mr. Ben Pope.

(Signed) LESLIE ALBERT SHUMWAY, 1358 Penn Ave., Miami Beach.

Subscribed and sworn to before me this 18th day of February, 1931.

(Signed) FRANK J. WILSON, Special Agent; Bureau of Internal Revenue. (Signed) CHAS. W. CLARKE, Spec. Agt."

There is submitted herewith as Exhibit No. 7, a schedule prepared by Mr. Shumway from the book record showing the net profit by months and years during the period he was connected with the Capone gambling establishment. This book establishes a net profit of $587,721.95 covering twenty-four months business reported in it.

The night that Assistant States Attorney McSwiggen was murdered in Cicero, Alphonse Capone disappeared end an extensive search for him by Chicago Police and Cook County Detectives was unsuccessful. After several months he was located by agents of this Unit and turned over to the Police Department of Chicago, Illinois. They then announced that they had no evidence upon which they could hold him for the murder of McSwiggen. The gambling establishment in Cicero was closed on the night

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