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photostats of records of Marshall Field and Company relating to merchandise sold Al Capone as follows:

5/18/27 to 10/13/28 - 15 suits at $135.00

10/27/28 to 4/25/28 - 13 suits at $135.00

and photostats of records of the custom tailoring department covering suits paid for by Al Capone and made up for the following:

Daniel A. Serritella - 10 suits at $135.00

Frank Perry 2 " " 135.00 and 1 at $150.00

Nick Circella 2 " " 135.00

John Costo, 1 suit at $125.00, 3 at $135.00 and 1 at $150

Tony Pagenta, 4 suits at $135.00 and 2 trousers at $35.00

It will be noted from the instructions on these records that special heavy pockets were made in these clothes. We learned that the reason of these heavy pockets was that revolvers were carried in them.

There is attached as Exhibit No. 125, a transcript of the testimony of Oscar D. DeFoe of Chicago, in which he states he was a tailor employed at Marshall Field and Company and had transactions with Al Capone in 1927; that he went to the Metropole Hotel to fit him; that the suits were $135.00 each; that he collected $700.00 on one occasion and $1,000 on another occasion for the suits; that he had made more than twenty suits for him and two or three top coats, and that Al Capone had bought and paid for suits for four other persons. (These suits made for Al Capone and for his bodyguards were tailored with a special heavy pocket to carry a revolver.)

There is attached as Exhibit No. 126, a transcript of the testimony of Herbert E. Keller of Miami, Florida, in which Mr.Keller states he is an engineer and built a dock for Al Capone at Palm Island, that he received $550 for his services; that the material was paid for direct to the lumber company; that in a conversation with Al Capone he was told by Al that his first job was tending bar at Coney Island.

There is attached as Exhibit No. 127, a sworn statement made by W. T. Harris, General Manager of the Southern Bell Telephone and Telegraph Company, Miami, Florida. He produced a contract signed by the taxpayer for telephone service at his home, 93 Palm Island and records showing his payments for services as follows:

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