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1928 - $ 955.55

1929 - 3,141.50

1930 - 3,061.92

1931 - 1,126.64

There are attached as Exhibits Nos.128 to 136, photostats of ledger sheets of Jack Niles Company of Chicago, covering furniture purchased by Al Capone amounting to $9,897.97. Most of this furniture was shipped direct to the home of Capone on Palm Island, Miami Beach, Florida.

There are attached as Exhibits Nos. 137 to 140, photostats of records of Peck and Hills, Chicago, Illinois, covering sales of furniture to Al Capone as follows:

12/14/28 - $ 825.00

3/20/31 - 706.60

3/17/31 - 1,022.00

3/17/31 - 1,244.00

Practically all of this furniture was sent to the home of the taxpayer at Palm Island, Miami Beach, Florida.

There are submitted herewith as Exhibits Nos. 141 to 144, invoices covering purchases made by Al Capone from A. Sulka and Company on April 25, 1931, of ten pair of French model pajamas at $50.00, one pair of French model pajamas at $46.00 and eleven monograms at $3.10, or a total of $580.10. They were identified by Albert Nusbaum who was a salesman and he testified that he secured the orders from Al Capone at the Lexington Hotel. A transcript of his testimony is attached as Exhibit No. 145.

There is attached as Exhibit No. 146, a sworn statement dated September 30, 1931, made by Helen E. Anderson of Cicero, Illinois. She stated that she had been employed by the Pinkert State Bank for seven and a half years, that in 1926 she was in charge of the safe deposit vault department renting vault boxes and comparing signatures; that on April 12, 1926, Al Capone and Louie LaCava rented Box 1635 giving their address as Hawthorn Hotel, Cicero, Illinois, and that they signed the contract in her presence. She identified the contract, Exhibit No.38, the signature card and signed entry slips bearing the signature of Al Capone made in her presence. She then compared the endorsement "Al Capone" on cashier's check 111237 (Exhibit No.15) and stated that the signatures were identical.

There is attached as Exhibit No. 147 a sworn statement made

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