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by Don D. Cunningham on September 29, 1931, in which he states he was employed by the Equitable Trust Company for six years; that he was manager of the safe deposit vault and that on several occasions he admitted Al Capone to the safe deposit vault department. He identified a contract signed by A. Capone renting Box 536 and also an entrance ticket dated May 7, 1929.

There is attached as Exhibit No. 148, testimony of George F. Geinzer of Chicago, Illinois, who states he was a manager of the Hotel Metropole during the period Al Capone was a guest there and that on August 4, 1927, he collected from Al Capone $4,169.76 covering room rent for Al and members of the organization. He identified records of the hotel relating to transactions with Capone.

There is submitted herewith as Exhibits Nos. 149 to 153, a schedule prepared by Revenue Agent Hodgins from the records of the Metropole Hotel, Chicago, Illinois, showing payments made by Al Capone. It will be noted that in 1927 he paid the sum of $18,642.96, and from February 8, 1928 to July 25, 1928 the sum of $7,654.42. This hotel was the headquarters of the Capone organization before they moved to the Lexington Hotel.

There is submitted herewith as Exhibit No. 154, a transcript prepared by Revenue Agent W. C. Hodgins from the records of the Lexington Hotel showing payments made by Al Capone as follows:

August 8, 1928 to Dec. 18, 1928 $4,136.48

Jan. 8, 1929 to Dec. 10, 1929 7,739.79

Jan. 6, 1930 to Oct.3, 1930 9,285.67

There are also submitted Exhibits Nos. 155 to 162 showing long distance telephone messages charged to his room in the Lexington Hotel during that period. It will be noted that he was frequently in communication with persons in most of the large cities in the country. Exhibits Nos. 163 to 164, a schedule showing amounts paid to the Lexington Hotel by the Capone organization are also attached as follows:

Aug. 9, 1928 to Dec. 18, 1928 $11,710.35

Jan. 8, 1929 to Dec.10, 1929 13,886.70

Jan. 6, 1930 to Sept.10,1930 13,342.65

Frank Nitto was indicted on March 15, 1930 for evasion of taxes covering the years 1926 to 1928. Bail was fixed at $50,000.00. The warrant for his arrest was delivered to the U. S. Marshal at Chicago on March 15, 1930 for service and the defendant could not be located.

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