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our daughter, who is a captive with the Moors? Did you ever hear of such arrogance? Call him, and tell him that if he is unable to accomplish the feat you will bring him to grief."

The king then spoke to Antonia: "Have you the power to rescue my daughter from the hands of the Moors?"

"I have," replied Antonia firmly.

"Then go, but recollect that your life is at stake if you do not succeed."

Antonia set out on her perilous adventure, but first she implored her godfather's assistance. He came, and said: "Yes, go on your errand. When you reach the castle where the princess is detained, you will find the guard asleep; walk in without fear and lead her out, for no harm will befall you. Take this switch, and strike the princess with it thrice. Strike her the first time when you are out of Morocco; the second time when you are half way home; and the third when you enter the palace on your return."

Antonia followed her godfather’s directions, and succeeded in delivering the princess from the hands of the Moors, and brought her back safe to her parents.

Now the princess was deaf and dumb; and among the many accusations the queen had brought against Antonia one was that she had said she could cure the princess; and the king, seeing that Antonia had