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hitherto accomplished whatever was proposed to her, however difficult of execution, said to her: "Antonio, if you can loosen the tongue of the princess, and cure her of her deafness, you shall marry her."

Antonia, raising her hands to heaven, cried: "Oh, godfather, help me!"

The godfather instantly came, and said: "Ask the princess why you struck her thrice with the switch, and she will answer you."

Antonia then came before the king and queen, and in their presence asked the princess:

"Oh, princess! why did I strike you with the switch on leaving the land of the Moors?"

"Because my mother had tried three times to injure you."

"And why did I strike you on our way home?"

"Because Saint Antony is your godfather?"

"And why, oh, princess! did I strike you the third time as we entered the palace?"

"Because you wished it to be known that you are a woman, and not a man as you seem to be."

The king was struck with wonder and delight; embraced his daughter, who had been cured in such a marvellous manner, and stretched out his hand to Antonia, saying: "I thank you, Antonio, for your loyalty to me, and I now fully comprehend how cruel the queen has been to you, at the same time that she was faithless to me. I discard her from this moment, and will make you my queen instead."