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Keep us warm and hearty fou!
Lease me on the tarry woo.

How happy is a shepherd's life,
Far frae courts and free of strife,
Wile the gimmers bleet and bae,
And the lambkins answer mae?
No such musick to his ear,
Of thief or fox he has no fear;
Sturdy kent, and colly too,
Well defend the tarry woo.

He lives content, and envies none;
Not even a monarch on his throne,
Who’ he the royal sceptre sways,
Has not sweeter holidays,
Who'd be a king, can ony tell,
When a shepherd sings sae well;
Sings sae vrell, and pays his due,
With honest heart and tarry woo?

the banks o' Banna.

Shepherds I have lost my love,
Have you seen my Anna?
Bride of ev'ry shady grove,

Upon the banks of Banna.