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I for her my home forsook,
Near yon misty mountain,
Left my flock, my pipe, my crook,
Greenwood, shade and fountain.

Never shall I see them more
Until her returning;
All the joys of life are o‘er,
From gladness chang’d to mourning.
Whither is my charmer flown?
Shepherds tell me whither?
Ah woe for me, perhaps she’s gone
For ever and for ever.

waes me for prince charlie

A wee bird came to our ha’ door,
It warbled sweet and clearly,
And aye the overcome o’ its sang,
Was waes me for Prince Charlie!
O! when I heard the bonny bonny bird,
The tears came drapping rarely;
I took my bannet aff my head,
For well I lo’ed Prince Charlie.

Quo’ I, My bird, my bonny bonny bird,

Is that a tale ye borrow?