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Lines 537—566]

my children would forbid such a thing! And not even a King or a father-in-law would compel me to do what I could not under any circumstances permit myself to do! My children are now the chief object of my life, the only solace to a heart burnt up with carking care! I could give up the very breath I draw with greater willingness—my own miserable body would rather deny itself the very light of heaven.


So I see! He dearly loves his children! I have him there at all events. I know, now, where to strike my blow! (this said to herself). Surely, I might be allowed to say a few parting words to my children, before I go, and be permitted to give them a last embrace, that indeed would be a great consolation, and I ask for that favor most earnestly, and if any undue or unintentional anger has been manifested on my part, let what I have said in my excited state of mind be regarded as empty words, in fact, unsaid, and let thy memory hark back to kinder things, as regards myself, let what could be imputed to anger be entirely forgotten.


I have banished all these things from my mind, and I entreat thee henceforward to control thy hasty temper, and deal with things in a calm spirit—Rest is a marvellous sedative to the troubled mind.


He has gone! And is this the way he goes? Thou, Jason, go away! And I am simply to pass out of thy memory as well as the many dreadful deeds I have done in thy behalf! I am forgotten by thee, eh! But I will never be forgotten by thee, nevertheless! Now, set to work, Medea; call to thy aid all thy resources, and magical arts,—thus, this is the climax of all the crimes that I have committed for thee, to have arrived at this conclusion,—that nothing I can do now can be viewed in the light of a crime!

But there is scarcely any opportunity now for any of my experimental jugglery. I am suspected,—I am watched,—let my plan of attack be devised in such a mode that no one can possibly suspect anything. Let