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Teme.�iliu.. TERRaE~FiLIU$. N o L. D,?: vo;iam Coryis, vexat te55?ra Columbas. H ^ T I may keep ?he promil'? whicI? ! rome time ago made to my readers, I dcfign, in this taft paper, to give them art account of the rife, prngret?, and final difl'olmion of the co]tituticn-cluJ a club, which ought always to be remem?red with honour, both on account of the number of perfore of the greateft quality, merit, .and reputation, who were members ot: it, and of tl/eglorious oppofition which they made againft the tyrannical and difloyal powers of the univerfity of' Oxford. During the latter part of the Q?een's reign, the W!3igs and Tories in Oxford conver,'d indifferenrhr and pe.?_ceabt7, together.-DifFutes about politick? were then ti?idom heard of? names of reproach and dillinC'ion were generally laid; and the heat of party zeal feem'd to be near exunguifl?'d. The Totlet were delighted and fatisfied in enj6ying the/' .wanted i and the Whigs were not very uneafy m what they ought to have enjoy'& As the formerof the�� were fo civilas not to talk much of xhe t'r?tender; fo the latter, with no Iefs civility laid but little about the Ele&or of