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Adventures on the Frontier of Texas and Mexico. No. II, (Charles Winterfield,) 365No. III., 505No. IV., 599.

Alfieri, Autobiography of, translated, notice of, 546.

American Drama, the, 117—Has the Drama declined? 117—Sheridan Knowles, 118—Tortesa, the Usurer, ib.—Synopsis of the Play, 119-20— Intrigue—Plot, 121—Analysis of the Play, 122-3—Spanish Student, (Longfellow's,) 124—Extracts, 125—Originality, 126—Synopsis of the Plot, 127—Deficiency of the author's skill, 125-9.

American Enterprise in Steam Navigation, 75—First Oceanic Steamship, ib.—Letter respecting John Fitch, 77.

American Institute, Eighteenth Annual Fair of, 538.

An American Lady, Mrs. Grant's memoirs of, notice of, 668.

Ancient Tear, the, a Poem, (Author of "Pen and Ink Sketches,") 384.

"Angels and Ministers of Grace," (Il Secretario,) 694.

Annexation, 452.

Anti-Rent Movement and Outbreak in New York, 677—General Survey of the Times, Public Licentiousness and its dangerous Tendencies, 575—Terms of the Early Settlement of the Van Rensselaer Estate, 579—Origin of the Concerted Repudiation of the Rents, 580—First Anti-Rent Outbreak, Helderberg War. 581—Repudiation defined, 582—Murder of Sheriff Steele by the "Indians," ib.—True Relations between Tenants and Landlords, 583—Nature of the estates held by the Tenants of Albany and Rensselaer, ib.—Shown not to be "Feudal Tenures," 584—Title of Stephen Van Rensselaer, 587—Rent paid for County and City Property on the same Principle, 588—City and County Tenants on the same Footing, 591—Objections to Paying Rent on Account of Particular Provisions in the Contracts met, 591—Reservation of Quarter Sales along with the Right of Preemption, 592—Tenants might at any time have relieved themselves from Rent on fair terms, 593—Terms published by Stephen Van Rensselaer, ib.—Question of "Perpetuities," 595—Manner in which the Anti-Rent Question has been met by the Press and Public, 596—Closing words to the Anti-Renters, 597.

Art and Artists in America, review of, 658.

A True Work of Art, (Earlden,) 12—Ivory Christ, 13.

Audubon and Birds, (Chas. Winterfield,) 283.


Bailey, 55.

Barrett, Miss, 53.

Bhagvat Geeta, or Hindoo Doctrine of Immortality, (E. B. Green,) 267.

[The American Review: A Whig Journal of Politics, Literature, Art, and Science/Volume 02/October 1845/Critical Notices#Big Able and Little Manhattan|Big Able and Little Manhattan, Cornelius Matthews, Review of]], 523.

Birds, a talk about, (Charles Winterfield,) 279.

Birney, James, 4.

Blennerhassett, Biographical Sketch of, (by W. Wallace,) 133—Origin, ib.— Arrival at New York, 134—Letter from Aaron Burr, 135—Intrigues and Speculations of Col. Burr, 135-6—His abandonment by Wilkinson, ib.—His visit to Blenner hassett, 137—Blennerhassett induced to join in his enterprises, ib.—Blennerhassett involved in the odium attached to Burr, and his property destroyed, 138—Arrested in Lexington, Ky., on charge of high treason, ib.—Blennerhassett's Brief, 139—Conclusions with regard to designs of Burr and Blennerhassett, 146—Final Residence and Death, 148—Character of Burr, 149—Appendix, ib.


Campbell, Thomas, 44.

Carlyle's Life of Schiller, notice of, 668.

The American Review: A Whig Journal of Politics, Literature, Art, and Science/Volume 02/July 1845/Cases of Conscience—Political Abolitionism, (Prof. Tayler Lewis,) 3— Tribunal established to interpret the Constitution, ib.—First serious injury inflicted upon the Constitution, ib.—Jackson's assumption of Executive interpretation, 4—Birney's position in relation to the Constitution, ib.—Garrison Abolitionists, ib. —Birney's Letter to Shapter, 6—Analysis of Mr. Birney's position, 7-8.

Challenge of Barletta, translated, notice of, 325.

Chatham, a chapter on, 568.