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Crabbe's Synonyms, notice of, 666.

Coleridge, 41.

Colton's Life and Times of Clay, review of, 639.

Commercial, Tariff and Finances, 105.

Commercial Delusions—Speculations, (I. C. Colton,) 341—My First Speculation, 349.

Convention in New York State—Reorganization of the Judicary, 474.

Critical Notices, 109First Books of Natural History for Schools and Colleges, ib.—History of France, Michelet, 110Challenge of Barletta, translated, 325Farmer and Emigrant's Hand-book, 326,—Dictionary of the English Language, by Professor Reid, 433Vathek, 434Treatise on Domestic Economy, Catherine E. Beecher's, 435Whewell's Elements of Morality, ib.—Gertrude, by author of Amy Herbert, 435History of Romanism, ib.—Florentine Histories, translated, 436Wiley and Putnam's Library of Choice Reading, ib.—Selection from writings of Bishop Hall, ib.—Journal of Texan Expedition against Meir, 543Sparks' American Biography, vol. 16, 544Wiley and Putman's Library of Choice Reading, 545Wigwam and Cabin, W. Gilmore Simms, ib.—Autobiography of Alfieri, 546Lardner's Lectures on Science and Art, 217Chaunt of Life and other Poems, Part II., Rev. Ralph Hoyt, 227Farmer's Library and Monthly Journal of Agriculture, 218Manual of Ancient and Modern History, Taylor's, 220History of Oregon and California, Greenhow's, 220The Missionary Memorial, 663Wolff's Mission to Bokhara, 665Elements of Reading and Oratory, H. Vaudeville, 656Crabbe's Synonyms, ib.—The Family Library, No. 173, 667—Promissi Sposi, by Manzoni, 667Carlyle's Life of Schiller, 668Mrs. Grant's Memoirs of An American Lady, ib.—Warren's Law Studies, ib.—The Lights and Shadows of Scottish Life, ib.—Tupper's Poems, ib.—Sermons of Dr. Blair, ib.—Observations on the East, Dr. Durbin, ib.—The Rhine, Victor Hugo, ib.—The Raven and other Poems, Edgar A. Poe, ib.—Western Clearings, ib.


Domestic Economy, Treatise on, Catherine E. Beecher's, notice of, 435.

Drama, American, 117.

Dream, the, Sonnet, (Laurens,) 162.


Elf-Land, a Poem, 457.

Elliot, Ebenezer, 57.

Elements of Reading and Oratory, H. Vaudeville, notice of, 666.

Eulalie, a Song, (Edgar A. Poe,) 79.


Facts of M. Valdemar's Case, (Edgar A. Poe,) 561.

Fairies, The, from the German, 258.

Family Library, No. 173, notice of, 667.

Farmer's Library and Monthly Journal of Agriculture, notice of, 218.

Farmer's and Emigrant's Hand-Book, notice of, 326.

Fevers of Zanzibar, 230.

Figures and Figuratives of Tobacco, 644.

First Oceanic Steamship ever launched, 75.

Fitch, John, 77.

Flight of Helle, a Poem, 565.

Florentine Histories, translated, notice of, 136.

Foreign Relations, Our, 431.

France, Michelet's History of, notice of, 100.

Frederic the Great, (Wm. Darby,) 292.

French Moralists, The, 499—La Bruyere, ib.—Montaigne, 501—Nicole, 503.


German, Translations from the, 256.

Gertrude, by the Author of Amy Herbert, notice of, 435.

Gnomes, the, from the German, 257.

Gods of Old, an Ode, (W. Wallace,) 27.

Greenhow's History of Oregon and California, notice of, 220.


Hall, Bishop, selections from the writings of, notice of, 436.

Headley's Letters from Italy, 100.

Helicon in Hot Weather, (Earlden,) 310—Alfred Wheeler, 311—William B Hirst, 314—W. W. Lord, 315.

Hemans, Mrs., 53.

Heraldry, 624.

Hindoo Doctrine of Immortality, (E. B. Green,) 267.

Hoyt, Rev. Ralph, Chaunt of Life and other Poems, notice of, 217.

Human Rights according to Modern Philosophy, review of H. Hurlburt's Essay, 328Human Rights, review continued, 437.


Italy, Headley's Letters, 100.

Ivory Christ, 12.


Jay, Life and Character of, (William H. Y. Hackett,) 59.