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Journal of a Whale Cruiser, Extract from, (J. Ross Brown,) 230.

Judiciary, Reorganization of, 474.


Keats, 49. Kyffhäuser, the, a German Legend, (Mrs. Ellet,) 299.


La Bruyere, 495.

Lake Erie, Commerce of, 189—Changes since the exploration in the north-west, ib.—Vessels upon the Lake in ISIS, 190—Amount of Trade previous to the opening of the Erie Canal, ib.—Number of Vessels, Amount of Merchandise at different periods, up to the year 1844, 191-2—The Ports of Erie, Cleaveland, Sandusky, Milan, Toledo, Detroit, Mackinaw, St. Joseph's^ Racine, Southport, Chicago, 193-4-5—Lumber Trade and Fisheries, 1915—Bufialo, 198.

Lardner, Dr., Lectures on Science and Art, 214.

Legare, Sketch of the Life and Labors of, (Il Secretario), 414.

Lights and Shadows of Scottish Life, the, notice of, 668.

Lord, W. W., Poems of, 315.

Lyell's Tour, review of, 403.


Macaulay, T. B., 51.

Maine, Survey and Resources of, (Rev. Chas. Upham,) 262.

Marshal Macdonald, (J. T. Headley,) 15.

Marshrd Lannes, (J. T. Headley,) 578.

Metaphysics of Bear Hunting, (Chas. Wintertieid,) 171.

Mexico, Will there be War with? 221.

Missionary Memorial, notice of, 663.

Monna, a Poem, (W. Gilmore Simms,) 622.

Montaigne, 501.

Moore, Thomas, 44.

Mrs. Grant's Memoirs of an American Lady, notice of, 668.

My First Speculation, 349.


National Institute, (Hon. J. R. Ingersoll,) 235—Its Organization, 237—Mr. Poinsett, 239—Mr. Duponceau, ib.—Mr. Walker's Address, 244—Smithsonian Bequest, 245.

Nicolè, 503.

No Rest, a Poem, (De Noto,) 657.


Observations on the East, Dr. Durbin, notice of, 668.

Orpheus, a Poem, (J. R. Lowell,) 131.

Our Position, Introductory to 2d Vol., 1.


Pan and Laïs, a Poem, (by Cujus,) 471

Paraphrase of Horace, Ode * * *, Book III., (Hermeneutes,) 116.

Plato, the Study of, review of "Plato contra Atheos," (Prof.Tayler Lewis,) 163

Poe's Tales, review of, 306.

Poets and Poetry of England, (E. P Whipple,) 30—Shelly, 33—Walter Scott 37 —Coleridge, 41—Southey, 43—Moore, 44—Thomas Campbell, ib.—Tennyson 45—Proctor, (Barry Cornwall,) 48—Keats, 49—Ebenfizer Elliot, 51—T B Macaulay, ib.—Mrs. Remans, 53—Miss Barrett, ib.—P. G. Bailey, 55.

Political Elements of the Constitution, Historical Notes on its Adoption, 205—Meeting of the Convention, 206—Opinions of different members, ib.

Powers, Genius and Sculptures of, 199

Prayer, the. Sonnet, (Laurens,) 1,53.

Proctor, (Barry Cornwall,) 48.

Progress and Disorganization, (II Secretario,) 90,

Promissi Sposi, Manzoni, notice of, 6G7

Prussia, (William Darby,) 625.


Reid's Dictionary of the English Language notice of, 433.

Rejected Treasure, from the Swedish of Nicander, 459.

Reorganization of the Judiciary.—The Convention, 474—The Judiciary, ib.—Errors in the Organization of the Common Law Judiciary of the State, 47-5- Theory of Reform, 477—Rights and Duties of the Judiciary, 479—Organic Principles of a Judiciary, ib.—Universality of Jurisdiction, 480- Intercommunity of Jurisdiction, 481- Judiciary Elective, 482—Perpetuity of Oflkial Tenure, ib—Amotion of the Judges, 484—Judicial Unity, lb.—Plurality of Judges, 485—Elisibility, 486—Gradual Promotion, ib—Prohibition of Fees, &c., 487—One General Appellate Court, ib.—Final Decisions, ib.—System of Subordinate Appeal, lb.—Present Division of the Law Judicature of the State of New York, 489- Report of the Committee of Judiciary Reform, in 1837, 490—Plan of Reformation Proposed, 491—Conclusion. 493.

Reproof, the. Sonnet, (Laurens,) 1.53.

Rhine Wine Song, from the German, 250.

River, the, from the Swedish of Tegner, 357.

Romanism, History of, notice of, 435.


Scenery and Resources of Maine, (Rev. Charles Upham,) 262.