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Scotch School of Philosophy and Criticism, 386—Adam Smith, 388—Hume, Reed, Kaims, Stewart, 391—Campbell, &c., 394.

Scott, Sir Walter, 43.

Scottish Life, the Lights and Shadows of, notice of, 668.

Sermons of Dr. Blair, notice of, 668.

Shelley, Percy B., 33.

Simms, W Gilmore, Wigwam and Cabin, notice of, 545.

Sketches of Zanzibar, (J. Ross Brown,) 154.

Smith, Adam, 388.

Society and Civilization, (John Qnincy Adams,) 180.

Sonnets, (Laurens,) 133—The Prayer, ib.—The Reproof, ib.

Southey, 43.

Spanish Student, 124—Extracts, 125—Synopsis of, 127—Analysis of, 128 9.

Sparks' American Biography, Vol. XIV., notice of, 544.

Stanzas, to Mary, 305.

Statuary, the, a Poem, (William Wallace,) 287.

Steam Navigation, American Enterprise in, 75.

Style, (J. D. Whelpley,) 258.


Tariff Question, (Horace Greeley,) 111—The Utmost Point contended for by Mr. Calhoun, and the earlier Free Traders, viz: A Uniform ad valorem Duty, ib.—The Vital Question, 112—Precise Principles of a Revenue Tariff, of Protection, and of Free Trade, respectively, and the effects from them, ib.—Outcry against the Tariff in fact the War of those who have not against those who have, 114—Probable War upon the Tariff, ib.

Tariff and Finances, 106.

Taylor's Manual of Ancient and Modern History, notice of, 220.

Tennyson, 45.

Texian Expedition against Meir, notice of, 543.

The Ghostly Funeral, (Robert Oliver,) 69.

The Rhine, Victor Hugo, notice of, 668.

The Tree, a Sonnet, (Laurens,) 188.

The True Death, a Poem, (William Wallace,) 494.

Translations from the German, (George P. Marsh,) 256—Rhine Wine Song, from the German of Claudius, ib.—The Gnomes, from the German of Matthisson, 2.57—The Fairies, 2-58—The River, from the Swedish of Tegner, 357.

Tupper's Poems, notice of, 668.


Vanity of Vanities, (Il Secretario,) 258.

Vathek, notice of, 434.


Warren's Law Studies, notice of, 668.

Western Clearings, notice of, 668.

Wheeler, Alfred, Poems of, 311.

Whewell's Elements of Morality, notice of, 435.

Wiley and Putnam's Library of Choice Reading, notice of, 436—do. 545.

Wolff's Mission to Bokhara, notice of, 665.


Zanzibar, Sketches of, 230.