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CHAPTER XI THE LATER NOVEL: HOWELLS By Carl Van E)oren, Ph.D., Literary Editor of The Nation, Associate in English in Columbia University. The Dime Novel. John Esten Cooke. Theodore Winthrop. Domestic Sentimentalism. Harriet Beecher Stowe. Uncle Tom's Cabin. Dred. Her Novels of New England Life. E. P. Roe. Lew Wallace. Edward Eggleston. William Dean Howells. The Development of His Taste. Experiments in Fiction. A Chance Acquaintance. A Modern Instance. The Rise oj Silas Lapham. Turgenev and Tolstoy. A Hazard of New Fortunes. Altruria. Travels and Memoirs. Later Novels. The Eighties. Francis Marion Crawford. Characteristics. Ideals. Range. Reactions from OfiBcial Realism. Rococo Romance. S. Weir Mitchell. Naturalism. E. W. Howe. Stephen Crane. Frank '^ Norris. Jack London. Contemporaries. .... /66 CHAPTER XII HENRY JAMES By Joseph Warren ^each, Ph.D., Associate Professor of English in the University of Minnesota. TheQuestionof James's Americanism. His Passion for "Europe." Amer- icans in His Stories. Transcendentalism. Parentage and Education. Newport, Boston, Cambridge. Residence Abroad. Miscellaneous Writings. Collected Stories. Earlier Novels. Short Stories. Later Novels. Peculiarityof the James Method. James and Pater. Amer- ican Faith and European Culture. g6 CHAPTER XIII LATER ESSAYISTS By George S. Hellman, A.M. Types of American Essayists. Donald Grant MitcheU. Detachment from Public Afifairs. George William Curtis. Prue and I. Public Career. Charles Eliot Norton. His Great Influence. Thomas Wentworth Higginson. Varied Interests. Moncure D. Conway. Edward Everett Hale. The Man Without a Country. Julia Ward Howe. Emma Lazarus. Mrs. Stowe. Charles Dudley Warner. Hamilton Wright Mabie. Edwin Percy Whipple. Edmund Clarence Stedman. William Winter. Laurence Hutton. Living Essayists. . 109 CHAPTER XIV TRAVELLERS AND EXPLORERS, 1846-1900 By Frederick S. Dellenbaugh. Texas. The Santa P6 Trail. By the Missouri to Oregon. Naval Ex- peditions. Missionaries. Routes from Santa F^ to Los Angeles. The Oregon Trail. California. Fremont. The Mormons. The Gold- Seekers. Indians. A Pacific Railway. Perry's Visit to Japan Boundary Surveys. Joaquin Miller. Mark Twain. Travellers to the Orient. The South Seas. The Colorado River. Geological Sur-