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veys. The Bureau of Ethnology. War with the Sioux. Cowboys. The Isthmus of Panama. Travels in the Older States. Africa. Egypt. Italy. Spain. Russia. Many Lands. The Philippines. Alaska. Arctic Exploration. Peary's Discovery of the North Pole. . . 131 CHAPTER XV LATER HISTORLANS By John Spencer Bassett, Ph.D., LL.D., Professor of American History in Smith College. Changes in Conceptions of History. Underlying Movements. The Growth of Historical Societies. The American Historical Association. The American Historical Review. The Collection of Historical Docu- ments. The Transformation of Historical Instruction in the Uni- versities. Herbert B. Adams. Minor Historians of the Old School. John William Draper. Accounts of the Civil War. John G. Nicolay and John Hay. Ahraham Lincoln, a History. Southern Histories. " The Great Subject " — The Age of Discovery and Exploration. Amer- icana and Collectors. Henry Harrisse. Justin Winsor. Edward Gay- lord Bourne. Pour Literary Historians. John Poster Kirk. Francis Parkman. France and England in North America. Edward Eggleston. ' 'A History of Life in the United States. ' ' John Fiske. Historians of the Latest Period. Henry Charles Lea. Hubert Howe Bancroft. Alfred Thayer Mahan. Charles Francis Adams. Henry Adams. Mont Saint Michel and Chartres. The Education of Henry Adams. . . 171 CHAPTER XVI LATER THEOLOGY By Ambrose White Vernon, A.M., D.D., Professor of Biography in Carleton College. The Decline of Theology. Charles Hodge. Heresy Trials. Charles Augustus Briggs. Changing Conceptions of the Bible. The Revised Version. The Higher Criticism. Evolution. Foreign Missions. The Study of Comparative Religions. Walter Rauschenbusch. Washing- ton Gladden. Phillips Brooks. ....... 201 CHAPTER XVII LATER PHILOSOPHY By Morris R. Qohen, Ph.D., Professor of Philosophy in the College of the City of New York. American Life and American Philosophy. The Traditions of American Philosophy. Large Indebtedness to Great Britain. Other Influences. Scotch Common-Sense Realism. The Evolutionary Philosophy. Its Influence on American Theology. John Fiske. His Substitution of the Evolutionary Myth for the Old Theology. Scientific Thought in America. Chauncey Wright; His Conception of True Scientific Method. William T. Harris. His Attack on Agnosticism. Tlie Journal of Speculative Philosophy. The Improvement of Philosophical Teach- ing. The Philosophical^eview. Philosophical Professors. Charles S. Peirce. The Origins of Pragmatism. Josiah Royce. Metaphysical Idealism. The World and the Individual. William James. His Vivid- ness and Humanity. Principles of Psychology. Radical Empiricism.