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Mr. Larson subsequently joined the British and Foreign Bible Society, as will be mentioned later.

In 1902 Mr. and Mrs. Friedstrom returned to Mongolia, and are now stationed at the Scandinavian Alliance Colony at Patsibolong, not far from Kweihwating. In 1904 Mr, and Mrs. A. B. Magnuson joined those workers, who are now at Wangefu, south-west of Patsibolong. In 1905 Mr. and Mrs. A. T. Almbrad went out to join the workers at Patsibolong.

At the colony at this last-mentioned place the Mongolians are farming the land which is irrigated. At the same time they are brought under Christian influence. Before referring to Mr. Larson's connection with the Bible Society, chronology necessitates that the work of the Swedish Mongolian Mission should be spoken of. Concerning this work Prince Bernadotte, the Chairman of that Mission, has kindly written in answer to inquiries:—

"The first missionaries of the Swedish Mongolian Mission who were sent out were Mr. and Mrs. Eneroth, who left for Chuguchak in North-West Mongolia in 1898. After a short stay they were obliged to return in consequence of the illness of Mrs. Eneroth. The Mission then thought it to be God's will that the work should be located in the north-west of Mongolia, as that region could be easily reached by the Siberian railway.

"In the autumn of 1899 Mr. and Mrs. Helleberg and Mr. Emil Wahlstedt were sent out, and it was decided that, in accordance with the wish of Mr. Helleberg, they should study the language on the Chinese frontier, north-west of Kalgan. During the Boxer riots of 1900 they laid down their lives for Christ's sake, but no very definite information concerning their martyrdom has been obtainable.

"In 1905 Mr. Edwin Karlen was sent out to carry on this work, and he is now engaged in the study of the language, the lady to whom he is engaged following in 1906."

In 1902 Mr. F. A. Larson, one of the two surviving