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Introductory note 339
Itinerary of the Coronado expeditions, 1527-1547 341
Historical introduction 345
The causes of the Coronado expedition, 1528-1539 345
Alvar Nuñez Cabeza de Vaca 345
The governors of New Spain 1530-1537 350
The reconnoissance of Friar Marcos de Niza 353
The effect of Friar Marcos' report 362
The expedition to New Mexico and the great plains 373
The organization of the expedition 373
The departure of the expedition 382
The expedition by sea under Alarcon 385
The journey from Culiacan to Cibola 386
The capture of the Seven Cities 388
The exploration of the country 389
The Spaniards at Zuñi 389
The discovery of Tusayan and the Grand canyon 390
The Rio Grande and the great plains 390
The march of the army from Culiacan to Tiguex 391
The winter of 1540-1541 along the Rio Grande 392
The Indian revolt 392
The stories about Quivira 393
The journey across the buffalo plains 395
The winter of 1541-1542 399
The friars remain in the country 400
The return to New Spain 401
The end of Coronado 402
Some results of the expedition 403
The discovery of Colorado river 403
The voyage of Alarcon 403
The journey of Melchior Diaz 406
The Indian uprising in New Spain 1540-1542 408
Further attempts at discovery 411
The voyage of Cabrillo 411
Villalobos sails across the Pacific 412
The narrative of Castañeda 413
Bibliographic note 413
The Spanish text 414
Proemio 414
Primera parte 416
Capitulo primero donde se trata como se supo la primera poblacion de las siete çiudades y como Nuño de guzman hiço armada para descubrirlla 416