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The Mythological Picture

of the Dose, which Imposture gave them, they are troubled with the Company of Ignorance, and Folly. Neither will they ever be rid of Opinion and the rest of the Gang, till they part with pretended Learning, enter into a Course of Physick, and Purge off all their Conceit, Ignorance, and Ill-Humours. Then their Condition will be secure. But as long as pretended Learning has the Ascendant over them, they’l ne’re be disentangled; neither will all their Notions, and Proficiency, ever cure them of any of the Distempers above-mention’d. Say you so? Which is the way then, that leads to the seat of True Knowledge? If you mind, says he, you’l perceive an Eminence at a distance, which looks as if ’twas perfectly uninhabited. I have it. And don’t you see a little Gate, and the Avenues to it very much unfrequented; for indeed the Ascent to it is troublesome, and the way rough, and rocky? I perceive it said I. Does it not then appear a lofty Hill, with a very narrow way to’t, and Precipices on each side? Yes, the Prospect is just as you say. This is the Road to True Knowledge, says he, and on my Word, a very rugged one to look on. But let’s proceed. Don't you observe two hail lusty Women stand on the Top of the Ascent, and