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of Cebes the Theban.

stretching out their Hands with a great deal of Inclination? I see them, who are they? they are Sisters, says he, one of them is Temperance, and t’other Patience. Good Women both, but what makes them sprawl their Hands out with so much Fancy? ’Tis to encourage Travellers, says he, and keep them from Cowardize and Despair: Letting them know at the same time; that if they will but hold out, and strive a little, they’l quickly be easy, and come into a good Road. Well! But when they come to the steep Ascent, how do they get up? For I can’t perceive any way made for them? These Women, says he, step down a little, stoop for them, and so hale them up. Then their Guides order them to rest a little, and soon after furnish them with Strength, and Spirits, promise to convey them to True Knowledge, give them a Prospect of their Journey, and shew them how smooth, and pleasant, and free from all manner of Inconvenience, the Road is. Really, said I, it appears so to me. Don’t you see continues my Instructor, on this side that Grove there, a lovely Meadow, which looks so surprizingly bright, as if it had a whole Sun of its own to make it Beautiful. You need not question my Eye-sight, said I, where such an Object as that is,