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The Mythological Picture

Unfortunate Entertainment which he swallow’d in the first Court. And when he's well wash’d within, whither does she send him? Then he is permitted to enter this last Court, and introduced to Science, and the other Virtues. And what may they be? Don't you see within the Gate, says he, a Company of handsome, modest Women, without any thing of Dressing, Washes, or Expence about them? I see them, said I, who are they? The first, says he, is Knowledge, the other, who are her Sisters, are Fortitude, and Justice, and Probity, Sobriety, Modesty, Liberality, and Good-Nature. In earnest, said I, fine Ladies all! Now methinks, my Expectations begin to rise considerably. If you mind what you hear, says he, and digest it into Practise, your hopes are not ill founded. I’l do my best, take my Word for’t. Do so, and then you’l succeed, and be safe. But pray, said I, whither do these Ladies lead the Man? To their Mother, says he, And, who is she? They call her Felicity. Felicity! And what is her Business and Quality? Do you see, says he, the Path that leads us to the Mount there, where the Structure looks like a Fort for the Security of all the Courts? Yes. And is there not in the Porch a handsome young Lady