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of Cebes the Theban.

sitting in a Chair of State, dress’d like Quality, but not to any degree of Magot, or Curiosity. But, if you mind her, the Crown upon her Head, is particularly fine, both in the Matter, and the Making. Truly, it seems to be just as you say. This Lady, says he, is Felicity, And when any body comes hither, what's her Business? She Crowns him, says he, from her own Cabinet, and so do all the Virtues too, insomuch that by his Reception, you would take him for some great Conquerour; and that he had gone through Hercules’s twelve Labours at least. And has he done any thing like it? Yes indeed, he has got the better of several Wild Beads of an extraordinary Bulk; These were formerly his Masters, made him their Drudge, snaped a Collop sometimes out of his Carkass, and used him at a miserable rate. But now he has fought himself into Liberty, and Conquest, has them all at Command, and chains them up for Sight and Service. You awaken my Curiosity extreamly, pray what sort of Wild Beasts are they? In the first place, says he, Ignorance and Mistake; now whether you know it or not, these are great Beasts, and dangerous ones too, tho’ they don’t go it may be upon all four. Truly, said I, I think they are. The o-