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of Cebes the Theban.

Rolling and Restless till they tumble into their Graves; And all this happens because they can’t pick out the right way, for alass! They have forgotten the Advice the Genius gave them. What you say is not unlikely; But still I'm at a loss why the Virtues should lead this happy Man to the Place from whence he came? ’Tis to inform his Judgment, says he, and make him understand the World better. For to deal clearly, Error and Ignorance had abused him before. And thus his Understanding, being misty and misled, he was willdred in the Qualities of Things, and mistook the Nature of Good and Evil. So that in short, he was in a great measure, as irregular, and unhappy as the rest. But now having gain’d a right Notion of Interest and Advantage, he sees farther into the Follies and Misery of other Men. Right, and when he has seen all this, how does he dispose of himself? Just as he pleases. For let him go where he will, he is as safe as a Ship in a Harbour: and all People will be as glad of his Company as a Patient is of the Visit of an able Doctor. What won't he be afraid of those scurvy Women any more, which you said were like Bears in a Bear-garden: Not at all. He'll never be disturb’d with Pain nor Poverty, with In-

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