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The Mythological Picture

temperance, or Avarice, nor any of that hostile Clan which made him uneasy before. For he’ll be perfectly Impregnable against all manner of Attacks. And as no other Serpent dares venture upon those who are bitten by a Viper, because they are fortified by a superiour Poyson which is now turn’d to an Antidote: So this Man has always his Preservative about him. What you say, seems very reasonable. But pray tell me who those are that come down the Hill; some of them with Crowns on their Heads, and Satisfaction in their Face: Others are the Picture of Despair, look somewhat maim’d and batter’d, and seem under the Guard of a parcel of Women? Those crown’d, says he, are safe arrived at the seat of Philosophy, and appear pleas’d with the Conversation of that Lady. But those who have no sign of Success upon their Heads, are some of them turn’d back by Philosophy for being unqualified: Others miscarry for want of Industry and Spirit. And when they have strain’d up to Patience quit the Advantage of the Progress, and Ramble without Path, or Direction. I understand you. But, what Women are those at the Heels of them? They represent, says he, Grief and Pain, Despair, Ignominy, and Ignorance. Say you so.