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The Mythological Picture

when they have done, go back for fresh Company: Just like your Merchant Men, which when they are unladen, set sail again, and are freighted with an other Cargo. Without Flattery, said I, you seem to explain these Matters very well: But you have not told me what Directions the Genius, or superintending Spirit, gives those who are just marching into Life. He bids them be bold, says he, and keep up their Spirits, and pray do you so, for I shall let you into the whole Business, and make no Omissions in the Relation. And here holding out his Cane again, do you see that blind Woman, says he, standing upon a Globe, who I told you was Fortune: Yes, we see her. The Genius, continues he, warns every body never to trust this Woman, nor to reckon any thing their own, or of any long continuance, that comes from her. For the Grants of Fortune are always made with a Power of Revocation, And a Man that holds of her is a meer Tenant at Will, and may be turn’d out the next Day for ought he knows to the contrary. Resumptions are very common with this Lady, and there’s no depending upon her Favour; And therefore the Genius advises People to be loose and indifferent with her, and neither be transported when