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of Cebes the Theban.

she gives, nor dejected when she takes away. For she never acts upon Reason, but throws out every thing at Peradventure. Therefore the Rule is never to be surpriz’d at any of her Proceedings; Nor behave our selves like some unreasonable Bankers, who when there’s Mony lodg’d in their Hands, are pleas’d with receiving it, and look upon it as their own: But when ’tis drawn out again, they are as much out of humour, as if they had some real injury done them: Never remembring they are but Casheers; and that they were trusted with the Sum, upon condition of repaying it upon demand. These things the Directing Spirit orders People to observe, with reference to Fortune, whose Custom it is to take away what she has bestow’d, and soon after, to restore thrice as much, And it may be in a little time she will turn short again, carry off her last Bounty, and a great deal more into the bargain. Upon these Considerations, the Genius enjoyns them to receive what they can of her, and make off with it forthwith in quest of a more lasting Liberality: And where is this to be had? Learning, replies the Gentleman, will present them, provided they can get safe to her. Present them with what? With the Knowledge of what

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