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The Mythological Picture

is really useful, and significant; now this is a Favour that will stick by them, and there’s no fear of its being recall’d; And therefore the Genius bids them press forward for this Advantage as fast as they can: And when they come up to those Women, which I told you were call’d Pleasure and Intemperance, they are ordered to pass on, without making the least stop, or acquaintance, till they reach Pretended-Learning, and here they are to stay some time till the has furnish’d them with Conveniences for their Journey, And then to set forward to true Learning or Philosophy, with all Expedition. These are the Directions of the Genius, which whosoever either neglects, or mistakes, is lost and undone to all intents and purposes. Thus, Gentlemen, the Mythology of the Picture is explain’d to you. And if you have any thing to ask farther about the Argument, you are heartily welcome. Sir, said I, since you give us this freedom, pray what is it the Genius orders People to receive of Pretended Learning? Some things that may be of Service to them if they please. What are those? Letters says he, and Scholarship, which being handsome Amusement, are as Plato observes, a sort of Restraint upon young People, and keep them some-