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of certain Witches.

dore and went vppon the ſhelfe, and there vpon a new cheſe laid downe the key, and being a whyle within he came out againe, and locked the dore and ſaid that he had made flap butter for mee, and ſo departed, and then ſhe ſaide ſhee tolde her aunte of it, and then ſhe ſent for the prieſt, and when he came he bad her to praye to God, and cal on the name of Jeſus, and ſoo the nexte day my lord he came again to me with the keye of oure milkehouſe dore in his mouthe, and then I ſaide in the name of Jeſus what hade thou there, and then he layed downe the key and ſayde that I ſpake euyll woordes in ſpeakyng of that name, and then hee departed, and ſo my aunte toke up the key, for he had kept it from vs ii dayes and a nyghte, and then we went into the milkhouſe and there we dyd ſe the print of butter vpon the cheſe, and then within a few daies after hee