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The count's name is no longer borne upon the navy list of Austria, and it is believed that he resigned his commission some years ago and retired to private life on his handsome estate.

The "Tacony" had to remain some days after affairs had become quieted down, as her orders were to stay there until relieved. The time was well put in overhauling and repairing the equipment and battery and materiel of every kind. Up to the moment of occupation of the city by the Liberal forces every thing had had to be subordinated to readiness for immediate action; now the guns could be dismantled, one at a time, and their iron carriages scraped, cleaned, and painted; holds and store-rooms were "broken out" and swept; and even the outside of the hull soon shone bravely in a glistening coat of black.

There were few incidents to punctuate the four weeks that that gallant ship's company had still to pass in that dreary, almost provisionless region; and such as did occur were now all of a pleasant character. One may bear recital as formings charming epilogue to the loyal persistence with which our country had recognized Señor Juarez as President of the Republic of Mexico, even when so hard pressed that the United States Minister accredited to him could not find or reach his head-quarters. On the evening of the 14th, rockets were seen