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Introductory and Retrospective
In 1865 the Mexican Empire an accomplished fact—Sympathy in the United States—Proposed loan—Confidential instructions of Napoleon to General Forey—Decree of the Assembly of Notables—Crown offered to Prince Maximilian—France requests acknowledgment of proposed Empire by the United States—Reply of Mr. Seward—Joint resolutions in Congress—Maximilian lands in Mexico—Liberal party resists—President Johnson reiterates the Monroe doctrine—Proposed withdrawal of French forces—Mission of General Schofield to Paris—The United States steamer "Tacony "—Sails for Vera Cruz 1
"Tacony " arrives at Vera Cruz—English sloop-of-war "Jason"—French corvette "Phlégéton"—Spanish gun-boat "Uloa"—Austrian Imperial yacht "Elizabeth"—Her mission—Marshal Bazaine—His message to President Johnson—His insults to Maximilian —Maximilian refuses to abdicate—Retires to Queretaro—Departure of French troops—Investment of Vera Cruz by Liberals—General Barranda visits the " Tacony "—Roe communicates with Camp Casa Mata—Helps American refugees—Fresh provisions—Relations with other men-of-war—Imperialist steamer "Tabasco"—Attempts to stop communication with shore—General Joe Shelby 13
Fears for safety of Maximilian—Austria requests good offices of United States—Action of Mr. Seward—Letter from Commander Roe to President Juarez—Preliminaries for surrender of Vera Cruz—Bad faith of Imperial governor—Condition of affairs in