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Vera Cruz —War tax contemplated—Action of Commander Roe—Tax not levied—Maximilian taken prisoner—Proposition of Captain Gröller—Governor Bureau a traitor—Offers to parley—Arrival of General Santa Ana—His turbulent career—His projects of revolution—Claims promises of assistance from United States—Commander Roe takes him on board the "Tacony"—Sends him out of the country—He lands at Sisal—Is arrested —Tried for treason—"Tacony" goes to Pensacola for provisions—Discussion of Commander Roe's action—Memorandum of Mr. Seward . 45
Queen Victoria and Emperor Napoleon request intercession of United States to save Maximilian's life—Offer of Emperor of Austria—Opinions of Mr. Romero—Causes of Maximilian's execution—Mexican press jealous of the United States—"Tacony " returns to her station —Vera Cruz still holding out—The Foreign Legion—News of Maximilian's execution—Commander Roe requests the Prince's body for Austrian captain—Negotiations for surrender of Vera Cruz{—}}"Tacony" and "Jason" move to inner harbor—Ordered to leave—Guns brought to bear on them from Castle of San Juan—Flight of Bureau—General Gomez surrenders the castle to Commander Roe—Consuls form provisional government—"Tabasco" disarmed—Foreign Legion embark—Liberal forces take possession of city—Salutes—Captain Aynesley—Commander Pritzbuer—Captain Gröller—Mrs. Juarez arrives in U. S. revenue steamer "Wilderness"—"Tacony" returns to the United States—Commander Roe detached—Commended by Navy Department—Thanked by the President—Concluding remarks 91