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God, Father, Son and Holy Ghost preserve
And bless ye both; the Lord All-Merciful
Look favorably upon ye and endow
Your hearts with all spiritual gifts of grace,
That ye so live together in this life
That in the world to come ye may attain
Life ever-glorious, everlasting! Amen.

[The bridal-pair rise. Enters Major Evans in great haste.]


The cannonade has ceased. The enemy
Can plainly be descried forming their lines
For the immediate storm upon the breach.

[Exit Evans.]

Col. Wm. Travis.

Then I must be without! Farewell, dear wife.


No, no! my friend! this is against the rules,
As we were wont,—(correcting himself) as every one would say,
To leave so soon thy newly-wedded wife.
Without so much as e'en a moment's parley.
'T were cruel, 't were inhuman, 't were outrageous.
And stood the foe upon the breach, we should
Throw us against him like a living wall,
Till thou hast said a Christian-like farewell
To her, who hardly thine, is torn from thee.
'T is time yet for a brief converse; I self