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Will tell thee when thy presence is required.
Come, Chaplain! come, young friend! thy story will
Still more inspire our men, when through their ranks
Runs the account of thy deliverance.

Col. Wm. Travis

So be it then! Thanks, tender-hearted friend!

[Crockett James Travis and the Chaplain go without.]

Scene V.

Wm. Travis and Elsie.

Wm. Travis.

My darling wife! to call thee by this name
Yet here on earth, e'en for a moment only,
And to behold thy prophecy fulfilled.
That hand in hand we shall ascend to Heaven,
Where is the hero whom this bliss befell?


Beloved husband! if this name endeared
Entitles me to share thy weal and woe
On Earth below, this were enough of blessing;
But when by heavenly mercy I am granted
That rarest privilege to blend with thee
My very destiny, my very future,
In one grand moment of a glorious Death:
Where is the woman whom this bliss befell?