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Country Title Tabulator.
Finland "Suomen Kansan satuja ja tarinoita," Tales and Stories of the Finnish people, collected by Salmelainen, published by the Finnish Literary Society. Hon. Jno. Abercromby.
Germany Grimm's "Household Tales," translated

by Mrs. Margaret Hunt. 2 vols. 1884. (200 tales.)

Miss Roalfe Cox.
Lauder's "Legends and Tales of the Harz Mountains." 1881. (71 tales.)
Greece Geldart's"Folklore of Modern Greece." 1884. (30 tales.)  
Hungary Jones and Kropf's "Magyar Folktales." Folklore Society, 1889. (53 tales.) Mrs. Gomme.
Iceland Arnason's "Icelandic Legends," translated by Powell and Magnusson. 2 vols. 1864-1866. Mr. Edward Clodd.
Symington's "Pen and Pencil Sketches of Faröe and Iceland." 1862. (Folktales in Appendix.)
Italy Busk's "Folklore of Rome." 1874. (137 tales.) Miss Barclay
Busk's "Household Tales from the Land of Hofer." (Tirol.) 1871. (22 tales.)  
Crane's "Italian Popular Tales." 1885. (109 tales.) Miss Barclay
"Tuscan Fairy Tales." n. d. (10 tales.) Mr. G.L. Apperson
? "Gesta Romanorum." 1877. (181 tales.)  
Norway Dasent's "Popular Tales from the Norse." edition. (59 tales.) Mr. Edward Clodd.
Dasent's "Tales from the Fjeld." 1874. (51 tales.)
Thorpe's "Northern Mythology." Vols. 2,3. 1851-1852.
Thorpe's "Yule-Tide Stories." Bohn's edition. (74 tales.)
Portugal "Portuguese Folktales." F.L.S. 1882. (30 tales.) &nbsp:
Roumania "Roumanian Fairy Tales and Legends." . (11 tales.)  
Russian and Slavonic Ralston's "Russian Folktales." 1873. (51 tales.)  
Naake's " Slavonic Fairy Tales." 1874. (40 tales.)  
Serbian Denton's "Serbian Folklore." 1874. (26 tales.)  
Spain Busk's "Patrañas, or Spanish Stories." 1870. (51 tales.) Mr. J.W. Crombie
Middlemore's "Spanish Legendary Tales." 1885. (30 tales.) Mr. J.W. Crombie.
Monteiro's "Tales and Popular Legends of the Basques." 1887. (13 tales.)  
Wentworth Webster's "Basque Legends." 1877. (45 tales.)