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This page needs to be proofread.


Special points noted by the Editor of the above.— See Author's notes,

p. 347.

Remarks by the Tabulator-— Cf. " How the Fox took a turn out of the Goat," Campbell, iii., p. 91, and see note, p. 93. "La Eola dla Voulp," Fable No. 21, in Coroncdi-Berti's Collection. For inc. 2, 3, 4, cf. Callaway, Z. T., p. 144. For inc. 5, 7, cf. "Ked Riding Hood," and Grimm, No. 26 and notes. Tylor, " Primitive Culture, i., 307, where also see Russian story

  • ' Vasilissa the Beautiful." Story of " Saktideva " in Somadera Bliatta, ii.

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(Signed) Marian Roalfe Cox.