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[No. 4.]

Title of Story. — Cat and Mouse in Partnership.

Dramatis personae.— Cat. — Mouse.— Cat's Cousin's Children.

Abstract of Story. — (l) Cat and mouse agree to live together, and buy pot of fat which they store in church beneath altar. — (2) Cat pretends she must attend christening of cousin's son, goes and steals fat and licks top off, returning home at evening. Tells mouse that child's name is Top-Oif , which is not worse than Crumb-Stealcr. — (3) Cat goes to church again on like pretence, and eats half the fat, telling mouse that child's name is Half-Done Cat accounts for mouse's wonderment at the odd names by telling her that she sits indoors all day nursing fancies. — (4) Cat goes third time, eats remainder of fat, and returns at night, telling mouse that third child's name is All-Gone, which puzzles mouse, who then goes to sleep. — (5) When winter comes, cat and mouse go together to fetch pot, which is empty. Mouse per- ceives what trick has been played, and has barely recalled the names Top- Off, Half-Done, All- Gone, when cat springs upon her and swallows her.

Alphabetical List of Incidents.

Altar, fat hidden under (1). Cat, cunning of, who steals fat (2, 3, 4).

Christening, pretended; fictitious names Top-Off, Half-Done, All-Gone (2, 3, 4).

Where published. — Grimm's Household Tales. vol. i. pp. 4-7.

London, 1884. Tale No. 2,

Nature of Collection, whether:—

1. Original or translation. — Translation by Margaret Hunt.

2. If by word of month state narrator's name.

3. Other i)articulars.

Special points noted by the Editor of the above.— See Author's notes,

p. 341.

' Remarks by the Tabulator.— -For variants, cf . " The Keg of Butter," Camp- bell, iii. p. 96. " Bruin and Reynard," Dasent, p. 409 (3rd ed.)