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Alphabetical List of Incidents.

Children carried off snpernaturally (8, 9, 10).

Curiosity, restrained at angels' advice (3).

Deliverance of girl by king ; their marriage (7).

Denial, threefold, of transgression, incurring banishment from heaven (5).

Disobedience, incurring mark on finger (4).

Dumb, girl struck (6).

Forbidden chamber (2).

Hedge of thorns enclosing girl (6).

Keys, thirteen, of heaven, girl entrusted with (2).

Man-eating, threefold accusation of queen (8, 9, 10). -

Kepentance of queen (11).

Restoration of children (11).

Translation of child to heaven by Virgin Mary (1).

Where published— Grimm's Household Tales. London. 1881 Tale No. 3, vol. i. pp. 7-11.

Nature of Collection,— whether:—

1. Original or translation. — Translation by Margaret Hunt.

2. If hy word of mouth, state narrator^ s name.

3. Other particulars.

Special points noted by the Editor of the above See Author's notes,

p. 341.

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