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This page needs to be proofread.

Tabulation of folktales. 31

Remarks by the Tabulator See Clouston, Pfljmlar Talcs and Fictiims,

ii. 27, ff. " The Sharpers and the Simpleton," and The Booh of Noodles jnisslm. Ralston, Russian Folktales, " The Fool and the Birch-tree." Fox inc. (3) cf. " The Golden Goose," Grimm, No. 64. Corpus PoeUcum JBoreale, i. 464 (Loki makes Scathe laugh). " Hans M'ho made the Prin- cess laugh," Round tJw Yule Log, p. 269. " The Sad Princess," Ladislaus Arany. " The Powerful Whistle." Gaal, vol. iii. De Gubernatis, Le Novclle di Santo Stefano, No. 26, p. 51. Crane, Italian Popular Talcs,

  • ' The Shepherd who made the King's Daughter laugh," p. 119, and see p.

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(Signed) Marian Roalfe Cox.