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[No. 40.]

Title of Story.— Blessing or Property.

Dramatis PersOnaB Woodcutter and wife.— Son and daughter.— King and

queen. — King's son. — Son of king's son. — Snake.— His parents. — People.

Abstract of Story.— (1) Woodcutter and wife praying to God for children, had son and daughter. — (2) Father fell ill, asked children whether they would have blessing or property. Son said property. Daughter blessing. — (3) (4) Father died, mother fell sick, asked children same question, had same answer. On seventh day brother bade sister put out all his parents' things, then took them away, leaving her cooking pot and mortar for clean- ing corn, which neighbours borrowed, and gave her food. — (5) She found pumpkin seed, planted, and had many pumpkins. When brother heard how she obtained food he stole pot and mortar, so she sold pumpkins to get food, and got wealthy. Brother's wife hearing about pumpkins, sent slave to buy one, and sister gave her one, but next day all had gone, could not let her have another. — (6) Husband went to sister, pulled up pumpkin, cut ofiE her right hand, spent her money, and sold her house. — (7) Sister wandered in forest till seventh day, then came to a town, climbed tree to eat fruit and sleep. King's son shooting birds, rested under tree. Woman's tears fell on him ; his slave climbed tree, told master, who climbed tree, and took her in litter to his city, and sent word to parents he was ill. When they came he wanted to marry woman. — (8) Wedding took place, son born, and king's son took journey. — (9) Brother came begging, heard king's son had married one-handed woman, and then told king she was a witch kill- ing all husbands. Brother asked king and queen to kill her, but they sent her and her son away. She went to forest, carrying pot. — (10) Saw snake, which bade her let it get into pot to save it from sun, and it would save her from rain. Snake left pot, and bade her follow it ; they came to lake, where she bathed with boy, who fell in. — (11) Snake bade her put hand in, then arm without hand ; she found son, and her hand was restored. She went with snake to his elders. Her husband returned, heard wife and son had died, shown their tombs. Snake let woman go ; she took leave of its jjarents, taking ring from its father, casket from mother. Ring gave her all she wanted ; she reached husband's town, bade ring produce great house, where she and son lived. — (12) King heard of this, went with son and people ; woman looked through telescope, saw them, had food ready, and then she told them all that befell her. Husband embraced her, and her brother was banished.