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Alphabetical List of Incidents.

Bird, orders ground to mix (1) (2), caught (3), makes milk (4), escape

of (5). Cannibal, appearance of (7). Children follow bird (6), rescue of, by bird (8), restored to parents (9).

Where published.— Theal's Kaffir Folklore. London, Preface dated 1882. Story No. 3, pp. 39-46.

Nature of Collection, whether:—

1. Original or translation. — Translated by G. Theal.

2. If by word of mouth state narrator* s name.

3. Other particulars.

Special Points noted by the Editor of the above.— The above is another

version of this " Story of the Bird that made Milk," as current among the Barolongs, a tribe speaking the Sechuana language, and residing beyond the Orange River. It was written down for me by an educated grandson of the late chief Moroko.

Remarks by the Tabulator. — See "Story of the Bird that made Milk," No. L

Inc. 5, cf. Miss Roalfe Cox's Remarks, pp. 45, 46.

(Signed) Janet Key.