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[No. 44.]

Title of Story.— The Story of Five Heads.

Dramatis PerSOneB — Chief.— Daughters Mpunzikazi and Mpnnzanyana.— Cony. — Mouse. — Frog. — Boy. — Woman.— Man. — Retinue. — Chief's sister. — Snake, afterwards chief Mkanda Mahlanu.

Abstract of Story — (l) chief with two marriageahle daughters learnt that great chief across river wanted wife. Elder daughter, Mpunzikazi, chose to be his wife, preferring to go alone to chief than with retinue, against father's wish. — (2) Mpunzikazi met mouse; refused its offer of showing her way, and he told her she would not succeed if she did like that.— (3) Met frog. She refused similar offer. It told her to go on and see what hap- pened. Whilst resting, hungry boy asked where she was going and for some of her food. She would not give any. He said she would not re- turn if she did that. — (4) Met old woman, who advised her not to laugh at trees when they laughed at her, nor eat thick milk from boy she would see, or take water from man with head under arm; but she disobeyed woman in every particular. — (5) Arrived at chief's village, Mpunzikazi spoke rudely to chief's sister, who was dipping water from river, and vainly advised her not to enter village that side. Told people what she had come for, but they asked whoever saw a girl go without retinue to be a bride ? that chief was not in, but she must prepare food for him. Mpunzikazi ground millet coarsely which was given her, and did not make nice bread. — (6) In even- ing heard sound as of great wind coming ; it was a big snake with five heads and large eyes. Mpunzikazi was frightened. Snake did not like her bread ; said she should not be his wife ; struck her with tail and killed her. — (7) After this, Mpnnzanyana (chief's other daughter), wishing to be a chief's wife, started with retinue. — (8) Met mouse, accepted offer of show- ing way. — (9) Saw old woman by tree; took path she pointed out.— (10) Met cony, who told her to speak nicely to girl by river, grind millet well, and not be afraid when she saw husband. Two first things she did. — (11) Went into hut, stayed in it, though it shook when she heard strong wind. Saw chief Mkanda Mahlanu coming ; he was very pleased with prepared food, and married her.

Alphabetical List of Incidents.

Animals, assistance given to heroine by (8). Food prepared for intended husband by heroine (5). Marriage of heroine with snake (11). Snake, chief, marriage of heroine with (11). Wind, snake makes noise like strong (6, 11).

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