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Soon after Death the Bell for you shall toll, And wish the Lord he may receive your Soul.

[Then the Fool falls down, and the Dancers with their Swords in their Hands sings the following Song :

Good People all, you see what we have done, We have cut down our Father like ye Evening Sun, And here he lies all in his purple gore, And we are afraid he never will dance more.

[Fool rises from the floor, and says

No, no, my Children, by chance you are all mistaen, For here I find myself, I am not slain ; But I will rise your Sport then to advance, And with you all, brave Boys, I'll have a dance.

[Then the foreman and Cicely dances down, the other Two Couple stand their ground, after a short dance called Jack the brisk young Drummer, they all go out but the Fool, Fidler, and Cicely.

Fool. Hear you, do you please to hear the sport of a Fool?

Cicely. A Fool, for why?

Fool. Because I can neither leap, skip, nor dance, but cut a Caper thus high, sound Musick, I must be gon, the Lord of Pool draws nigh.

Enter Pickle Herrikg.

Pickle Herring. I am the Lord of Pool, and here begins my

measure, And after me a Fool, To dance a while for pleasure In Cupid's School.