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Fool. A Fool, a fool, a fool, a Fool, I heard thou say, But more the other way,

For here I have a Tool Will make a Maid to play,

Although in Cupid's School, Come all away.

Enter Blue Britches.

Blue Britches. I am the Knight of Lee,

And here I have a Dagger, Offended not to be,

Come in thou needy Beggar, And follow me.

Enter Ginger Britches.

Ginger Britches. Behold, behold, behold,

A man of poor Estate, ^

Not one Penny to infold.

Enter Pepper Britches. Pepper Britches. My money is out at use, or else I would.


Enter Mr. Allspice.

Allspice. With a Hack, a hack", a hack. See how I will skip and dance, For joys that we have found. Let each man take his chance, And we will all dance round.

[Then they dance the Sword Dance, which is called " Nelly's Gig," then they run under their Swords, which is called " Runing Battle," then Three Dancers dances with 3 Swords, and the foreman jumping over the Swords, then the Fool goes up to Cicely. Vol. 7. — Part 5. 2 k