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the first of January, so that the volume will be ready For delivery to members early next year as the second volume for 1890.

The Council are glad to be able to report that they have accepted an advantageous offer from Mr. Nutt, by which a volume of Gaelic tales with English translation by the Rev. Dr. Maclnnes will be issued to members of the Society as the second volume for the current year.

The Council have- also arranged for an English translation of the mythical portions of Saxo Grammaticus, with an introduction by Professor York Powell, and they hope to arrange for volumes of folklore extracts from classical and mediaeval writers, such as ^lian, Gervase of Tilbury, and the chroniclers.

A most important step has been taken with reference to the Folklore Journal. It was felt that in its present shape it did not sufficiently represent the scientific aims of the Society, and Mr. Nutt came forward with a proposal which the Council, after the most careful consideration, have accepted. It involves the issue of the Journal under a new title. It will be divided into sections, as follows:

(1) Original articles, whether collections of facts or exposi- tions of theory.

(2) Eeprints of English material, not easily accessible, and translations of little-read languages.

(3) A record of the progress of study in folklore, and in allied branches of science. This record will comprise:

(a) A bibliography of English and non-English books

relating to folklore, mythology, archaic and savage institutions, mediaeval romantic literature, archaic history, etc.

(b) Summaries of contents of folklore periodicals, and citation of articlesr of interest to the folklorist in general periodicals.

(c) Reports on well-defined sections of folklore, to be