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issued at stated times, briefly summing up the pro- gress and results of study within each section during the interval from one report to another. Each section to be entrusted to a member of the Society, who will make himself responsible for the production of the report. The following sections are planned : Comparative mythology. Celtic and Teutonic myth and saga. Institutions : (a) archaic, (6) savage. Folklore in its more restricted use : (a) folk-tales and cognate subjects, (b) ballads and games, (c) folk-usages. Prehistoric anthropology and archaic history. Oriental and mediaeval romantic literature. (4) Tabulation of folktales and analysis of customs and superstitions.

Members of the Society.

During the past year the roll of members has increased to the highest number that has ever been attained, namely, 346, and the Honorary Secretary, Mr. J. J. Foster, has been unceasing in his efforts to obtain increased support for the Society's work. Mr. A. Granger Hutt, owing to ill-health, was obliged to resign the office of Honorary Secretary/ which he has held for seven years. The Council feel that the Society is greatly indebted to Mr. Hutt for his past services, and desire to place on record their appreciation of what he has accomplished for the benefit of the Society. Mr. Hutt will still continue as a member of the Council, to give it the advantage of his aid. The year is marked by a very heavy loss in the death of one of the founders of the Society, Mr. W. B. S. Ralston, Vice-President. Mr. Ralston 's services to the Society in the early years of its