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Guthrie (Ellen E.). Superstitions of the Scottish Fishermen 44-47
Kinahan (G. H.). Some Irish Proverbs 35-38
Members, List of 377-386
Morris (Rev. Dr. R.). Death's Messengers 179-191
Moule (H. J.). Batcombe Cross 25-27
Notes and Queries 53-63, 174-178, 265, 313-322
Notices and News 63-64, 266-273, 322-330
Ordish (T. F.). Morris Dance at Revesby 331-355
St. John (R. F. St. Andrew). Indo-Burmese Folklore 306-313
Sayce (Rev. Professor A. H.). Cairene Folklore 191-195
Tabulation of Folktales, 169-173 ; Appendix, 1-122
Udal (J. S.). Dorsetshire Children's Games, &c 202-264